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The 11th Trade fair of Virtual Companies will be held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall in the ground of Kyoto University. About 35 teams (400 hundreds students) from primary to university from all over in Japan, will get together to share their entrepreneurial activities here. They present their collaborated projects with local business, or NPOs, and sell their invented products. The prominent business ideas will be awarded according to the assessment of judges.
This event is registered projects of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity which has started in 2008.

About Global Entrepreneurship Week(GEW)
GEW is an initiative campaign of the entrepreneurship promotion of the youth whom the above participates in of the world in 90 countries, and "Enterprise Week" started in the U.K. in 2004, and "Entrepreneurship Week USA" is held in the United States in 2007 by Ewing Marion Kauffman foundation and opens for global scale exercise from 2008. Honda Foundation serves a host in Japan, and a support message is sent from Prime Minister American Hilary Clinton and Kan in last year and creates a big sensation. "The virtual company trade fair" attracts attention as a last event to give glory to Japanese GEW for the past four years.

What is a Virtual Company?  ●State of last year

Venue: Kyoto univ. Clock Tower 2F- International Exchange Hall 

10:00 Opening ceremony
10:15 Booth exhibition & Business Presentation of Virtual Companies
14:15 Closing of the exhibition & Presentation
14:30 Students Networking Activities
16:15 Award Presentation
17:00 Closing of Virtual Company of Trade Fair
17:15 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEC) Closing Ceremony& Party (Hosted by Honda Foundation)










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Trade Fair Committee
Speceial Sponsor
Honda Foundation
Assistvaleur, Ftime, Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Kyoto Chuoshinkin Bank, Shimadzu Corporation, Japan Staff Leasing, DAIKI

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