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Teaching Materials and Practice Introduction

Kyoto Entrepreneur Challenge

This is an idea contest for grade 1 to 12. For ideas that have passed the first document screening and the second interview screening, we will provide financial assistance and advice to help realize the idea.

Youth Enterprise

This is an online educational program that allows young people who are engaged in enterprising projects to learn from the other practices while operating and managing the project and to disseminate the activity.It can be used at any level from elementary school to university, and at the same time plays the role of a platform site for introducing entrepreneurship education practices.

Youth Challenge

This site introduces entrepreneurship education practices for elementary and junior high schools, which was conducted from 2015 to 2018 in the municipalities of Kyoto Prefecture as a model project.

Kids Entre

Online program for grade 5 to 7. The program introduces four themes, "play / learning," "working," "living," and "welfare," which are important for young people to prepare for their career. The materials support their activities to think about these themes individually and as a team and take on the challenge of solving problems.

Entre Tree

Workbook for entrepreneurship education for high school students. This comes with teachers text book.

Training and Workshp

We provide a variety of training for teachers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to nurture entrepreneurship. We can propose a plan according to your request, so please contact us first.

Instructor's course for entrepreneurship education