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Our future is created by us.

Our future is created by us.

Take action to solve problems rather than lament!

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2020-06-24Event:Stared recruiting members for Junior Leaders Club
2020-06-15Competition:Announcement of winners of Global Youth Enterprise Challenge 2020 (Winner: Technopreneur(India), Runner-up:Black Ice (China))
2020-05-04Competition:Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Open for Entry

Kyoto Entrepreneur Challenge

Grade 1-12

Kids Venture Town

Grade 5-9 (10-14 years old)

In this project, participants think about future work that will be needed to solve existent social issues. Then, they make a prototype of their ideas and hold Kids Venture Town to introduce their new businesses in public.

Youth Enterprise Trade Fair

From elementary to university

Youth Enterprise Trade Fair is a show case of enterprise projects from elementary school to university level from all over in Japan, They get together to share their entrepreneurial activities and learn from each other's practice.The prominent business ideas are awarded by the organizing committee

Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Grade 10-12 (15-19 years old)

GYEC is an online 12 hour business idea competition for high school students. You can join anywhere as long as you have an access to the internet.It gives an opportunity for young people from around the world to solve a significant global problem through an innovative and sustainable enterprise idea.

Youth Enterprise


This is an online educational program that allows young people who are engaged in enterprising projects to learn from the other practices while operating and managing the project and to disseminate the activity.It can be used at any level from elementary school to university, and at the same time plays the role of a platform site for introducing entrepreneurship education practices.

Horisho Kids Challenge

Grade 4-7 (9 -13 years old)

This is a social enterprise project which aims to nurture youth entrepreneurship and leadership. Children from 9 to 13 years old run a Horisho Company and work to revitalize the Horikawa Shopping Arcade area where 40 % of the shops are now closed. They hold events, sell original goods and donate profit to charity.

Social Leader’s Internship Program


This program is an exchange internship program that aims to foster next-generation leaders who can understand and share different cultures and values, and contribute to society with a broad perspective and a spirit of sharing.

Training Course for teachers


This is a training course for those who want to develop entrepreneurship in elementary and junior high school level.The course is divided into a basic section, which includes classroom learning and workshops, and a practical section, which involves learning while actually teaching children. Students who have completed the courses are eligible for entrepreneurship training instructor qualifications.

Youth Challenge

From elementary to junior high school

This site introduces entrepreneurship education practices for elementary and junior high schools, which was conducted from 2015 to 2018 in the municipalities of Kyoto Prefecture as a model project.