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This yeear challenge was "to come up with an innovative building, or a product or a material for buildings which helps lower the emission of greenhouse gasses and so helps us to live and work healthier."

ISEC2016 awards are given to the following teams.Congratulations!
  -Winner:Kaisei High School (Japan)
  -Runner up: Doshisha International High School (Japan)
  -Honorable Mention:Elite Educational Institute - Richmond (Canada) 
           SMAN 1 Tarakan:EVOG FUTURE, Inc (Indonesia)

■Comments from Srisetiowati Seiful, Chairperson of ISEC international Judging Panel
 (She is a representative of ISEC initiators, and a memberof ISEC 2016 Steering Committee)
   "The majority of the participants were quite creative when it came to presenting their business plans, telling their stories, editing their videos, and making the best of it. They really came forth as young entrepreneurs trying to convince potential investors of their product.
   On the other hand, we have to remember that ISEC was founded as a competition integrating science and technology innovation with entrepreneurship. So asides from the criteria that the business has to be economically feasible, the technology also has to be (logically) workable, and most importantly, this competition also encourages participants to come up with fresh, "wow" innovations, as difficult as it may be.
   On that note, fresh, "wow" innovations were still rarely seen in this year's competition, and upon analyzing deeper into some of the technology proposed, some were actually not workable. One other important aspect that was missing: not a single participant actually calculated how much energy was saved, when the challenge was about saving energy.
   All in all, the enthusiasm of all the participants was refreshing to see, and you could see how much effort all the participants put into responding to the ISEC challenge this year. We hope to see even more countries participating in next year's ISEC with greater enthusiasm and fresh, "wow" innovations!"

■Participating Countries:
1.Brazil-Querência I (20 de Março High School)
2.Brazil-Querência II (20 de Março High School,Cerfique High School)
3.Canada-Elite Educational Institute Canada-Richmond Branch
4.Indonesia-Cita Hati High School
5.Indonesia-SMAN 1 Tarakan High School
7.Japan-Kaisei High School
8.Japan-Kyoto Municipal Murasakino High School
9.Japan-Doshisha International High School
10.Malaysia-Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah
11.Mongolia-New Era International School of Mongolia
12.Philippinse -Multiple Intelligence International School
13.Russia-Youth Business Russia
14.Singapore-Young Entrepreneur Center (ITE College East,Hwa Chong International School,Temasek Polytechnic)
15.Turkey-Private Fatih High School

■International Judging Panel:
-Felipe Sávio Cardoso (Lecturer of Medicine department,university of Maranhão)
-Henry Chen (Vice President of Sales and Operation at Archmetal Industries Corp. )
-Hironari Ukai (Professor, Department of Management, and Director, Center for Community
Collaboration, Aichi Gakuin University)
-Janto V. Sulungbudi (Professor, Department of Physics at Parahyangan Catholic University)
-Kikuko Harada (Executive Director of Center for Entrepreneursip Development)
-Dr Levent Ballice (Professor,Department of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Faculty , Ege University,Bornova-İzmir-TURKEY)
-Norazura binti Jaballudin (teacher)
-Naydenova Tamara (a project manager of Voronezh region of Youth Enterprise Development Fund)
-Oyungerel (a trainer of Development Solutions)
-Sara Dhewanto (Managing Director and founder of PT Virtual Online Exchange (VOX))
-Sharon Canon (Director for Administrative Services)
-Srisetiowati Seiful (Executive Director,Surya Institute for the Promotion of Science)
-Sueli de Souza Costa (Lecturer of Medicine department,university of Maranhão)
-Tatsuro Ichihara (Vice Chairperson,Center for Entrepreneurship Development)
-Zulfadzli bin hassan (teacher)

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