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1.About Preliminary Round

Q: If there are fewer than three participating teams from our country, will all teams, including our team, automatically proceed to the final round?
A: No. If fewer than three teams from your country participate, your team will not be officially scored, but still have to participate in the preliminary round and submit the required items by the deadline. And if there are egregious violations of the rules, such as copyright infringement, or if the quality of the work submitted is of low quality, your team will be disqualified and will not be allowed to proceed to the final round.

Q:If more than two teams from the same high school score higher than other teams, can they both participate in the final round as national teams?
A: No. Only one team from the same high school can advance to the final.

Q:If we are not chosen as a national team in the preliminary round, will we still be able to receive a certificate of participation?
A: Yes. If you submit all the requirements by deadline, and answer the post competition questionnaire by the deadline.


2.About Supervisor

Q: Does a supervisor need to be a school teacher?
A: No, a supervisor does not need to be a school teacher.
In the GEC, as participants are high school students, we kindly request that one adult accompany them as a supervisor during the competition. The supervisor can be a teacher from the school, a professional from a company, or a guardian of one of the participants, as long as responsible and capable of overseeing the progress of the competition.

Q: Does the supervisor need to stay with us throughout the competition?
A: No, a supervisor does not need to be with you during 12 hours. After assisting taking team photos and ensuring the safety of the students, it is not necessary for the supervisor to remain in the same room for the entire 12-hour duration of the event.

Q: What is the role expected of a supervisor?
A: Supervisors are expected to ensure that students are participating in the competition safely and according to regulations, and to assist in communicating with the office when team leaders cannot be reached. However, supervisors are not permitted to provide ideas for problem-solving, offer technical support, assist with the creation of submissions or video editing, or correct written English compositions. Supervisors are tasked with monitoring the team's work and providing encouragement.

3.About Submissions (Photos, Business plan, and Presentation video)

Q:Is there any rules for citation methods?
A:No.When citing references, we do not require a specific citation method, as long as the source of the citation and the part cited are clear.

Q:Is software for videos and modelling such as Canva and Inventor allowed for use?
A:We allow the use of conventional software to edit videos you have shot yourselves, or create 3D models, without relying on AI assistance.

Q: Is the use of external clips or media prohibited to make our presentation video?Past winners seem to have used stock footage instead of actual recorded footage.
A: Yes, that's correct and it is also true that we had previously permitted the use of copyright-free footage. Its usage has been prohibited since last year. Determining whether a video is copyright-free, AI-generated, or plagiarized has become increasingly challenging during the evaluation process. Additionally, there is no need to reference other videos for explicitly defined issues outlined in the Challenge. Instead, we rather encourage participants to allocate their time to thoroughly explaining their business ideas. With this reason, we changed our rules from last year.
Furthermore, please understand that we conduct an annual review of regulations and rules may change every year.

4.About Submitting Required Materials Via Google Form

Q:Do you accept late submissions even if we miss the deadline?
A:Yes, if it is within an hour after each deadline. However, points will be deducted from your score.

Q: Do we need to create a new Google account?
A: No, you don’t, if a team leader already has a google account. However, please do not forget to register your name in English; otherwise, we will not be able to recognize the sender.

5.About Evaluation Feedback

Q:Will we receive any feedback about our proposed business idea?
A:Yes. All participating teams will receive a score sheet with judges' comments.

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