Global Youth


Kurea Hoshi, 2021 Winner
a leader of Laurel team, HirooGakuen High School, Japan

Although the process of creating an innovative business plan in a limited amount of time was very demanding, we could gain a meaningful experience more than a mere "result" of getting a prize. One of the most meaningful lessons I learned through GEC(Japan's National Selection ) & GYEC was the importance of analyzing societal issues from diverse perspectives. To create a “good” business plan, it is necessary to excel in each aspect of business, such as the target market, finance, reality, and communication. Elaborating all of these aspects was uneasy, but viewing the issue from various perspectives helped us a lot to create a comprehensive business plan. Overall, GYEC has made us realize the hidden potential of ourselves, and the accomplishment we felt after devoting all our concentration became an unforgettable experience of our life!! (The econd person from the left on the first row)

Michael Foley, 2021 Runner up
a leader of Mystery Inc. team, Brooke Point High School, USA

If you are looking for a competition that is challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding, the GYEC is for you. Although the task is daunting, develop a profitable solution to a major environmental challenge that meets the SDGs within a mere 12 hours, you will be surprised by your own abilities. There were many times during the challenge where we felt we might run out of time, or fail to fully develop our idea but ultimately, we were successful. Many aspects of the challenge, such as the time constraints, topics, and required elements, mimic real world situations and the opportunity to practice these situations is invaluable.
I believe the most valuable part of the GYEC was the opportunity to work as a team. The challenge is too complex for any one person to tackle alone, and so one‘s ability to work with their team is crucial. Every person possesses both strengths and weaknesses and one’s ability to identify these attributes in themselves and others is crucial to success both in this challenge and the real world. Whatever you are looking to get out of the GYEC, you will find it. I promise that if you attempt the challenge, you will leave it with experience and knowledge that will greatly benefit you in the future. (The person sitting on the far left on the coach with a white mask)

Shunya Asanuma, 2019 Winner
a leader of OCTET-J team, AICJ High School, Japan

In a period where you would normally be studying for your upcoming future, we miraculously came across this wonderful contest. Having heard and studied about environmental issues in our academic studies, this contest was the perfect fit for us. Participants would be given a certain topic from the SDGs and our challenge was to come up with a business plan that solves the matter within 12 hours. One advantage of this contest is that it is a one-day event, meaning that the participation of this event wouldn’t strongly interfere with your other schedules, especially if you are a student preparing for university. The biggest advantage ,though, is that you are able to compete with high school students not only from Japan, but from the entire globe. Coming up with a business plan is obviously not an easy thing to do. It was also our first time having to read such amount of academic/ scientific papers and references that isn’t necessarily our speciality. Nevertheless, you would never get the fulfilment and joy when you click that submit button after a long 12 hour effort other than the GEC. Students who are reading this, why not have a try? (The second person from the right)
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