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Propose an educational program or a training game aimed at reducing conflicts arising from differences in positions and values, promoting mutual understanding, and acquiring skills to democratically resolve issues through dialogue.


Including national competitions and the preliminary session, 453 teams from 32 countries, with about 2,600 students, participated in the GYEC2024. Among them, 57 teams from 29 countries advanced to the final on May 25, 55 teams completed the competition, and 10 teams advanced to the second round of screening.
Finally, the following three teams won this year's awards. We would like to congratulate the winners and all the participants who worked very hard for the Challenge.

▶Winner(1st place):Zeta, Frankfurt International School, Germany 
▶Runner-up(2nd place):Waffles, Raffles Institution, Singapore

▶Honorable Mention:Ones&Twos, Kaetsu Ariake High School, Japan

<10 finalists that advanced to the second round of screening>
  No.3 : Ones&Twos from Japan, Kaetsu Ariake High School
  No.19 : YKPao from China, YK Pao High School
  No.22 : Antares from Malaysia, International School Of Kuala Lumpur
  No.35 : Waffles from Singapore, Raffles Institution
  No.52 ; CEOld from Thailand, Mahidol Wittayanusorn School
  No.55 : OCTAGON from Thailand, mix team
  No.93 : NewGeneration from Russia (South Korea), mix team
  No.96 : OCTANS from Turkey, Kocaeli Science High School
  No.103: Zeta from Germany, Frankfurt International School
  No.160: Yappers from USA, Valley Christian High School

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International Judging Panel:

- Ai Goto Araki, Founder of CHANGE Education Project
- Arata Ichikawa, Professor Emeritus, Ryutsu Keizai University
- Arfin, Lecturer, Parahyangan Chatolic University
- Atsuhiko Yoshida, Professor, Graduate School of Sustainable System Science, Osaka Metropolitan University
- Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat, Executive Director, Development Solutions, Mongolia
- Daniel Goldman, Silicon Valley Investor and Innovator
- Dede Prabowo, Founder and Executive Director of Alam Aksara Foundation/Director, Atlantis Investment Research Corp.
- Eiko Kudo, Global Strategy Headquarters, OMRON Corporation
- Felisita Wisang, Head of Program, Youth Excellence International Foundation
- Hideya Irie, Associate Professor, Kamiyama Educational Institute
- HirokazuTakahashi, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association
- Hiromitsu Mori, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association
- Hironari Ukai, Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University
- Ikkei Matsuda, Representative executive partner of SARR, LLC
- Jane H. Liu, CEO of New Deantronics Group
- Janto V. Sulungbudi, Head of Advanced Physics Laboratories at Parahyangan Catholic University
- Junichi Ushiba, Professor,Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
- Kayoko Sugiyama, GCRM partners .LLC Partner
- Keishi Mineo, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association
- Kenya Murayama, Professor, Kyoai Gakuen University
- M. Arifin Dobson, Enterprise Digital and Technology Transformation, Paragon Corp
- Maiko Sumino, Assistant Lecturer, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University
- Mariskha Tri Adithia, Head of the Department of Informatics, Parahyangan University (UNPAR)
- Masako Sakamoto, Representative, Sakamoto Professional Engineers Office
- Mayumi Tachikawa, Representative Director of SHUHARI LLC.
- Natsuki Nakahara, Writer & Editor, HACHI Corporation (Ideas for goods)
- Nobuaki Wada, Inhouse Consultant, NPO Murano Mirai
- Noriyuki Sugiyama, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association
- Nozomi Mizuno, Witherspoon, Sustainability & Social Impact
Specialist, Center for the Strategy of Emergency, the Japan Research Institute
- Rizky Reza Fauzi, Lecturer, Parahyangan Chatoloc University
- Ryuichi Ito, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association/Shimazu Corp.
- Ryutaro Tsunoda, Professor Emeritus, Nagoya City University
- Shingo Fujioka, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association
- Syailendra Harahap, Director of Center for Innovative Learning, Founder of,
- Tatsuro Ichihara, Chairman, Neo Material Research Association
- Terry Yeh, Special Assistant to the CEO,New Deantronics Taiwan, Ltd.
- Tias Wahyu, Deputy Program Director, Australia Awards in Indonesia
- Toshiro Kurozawa, Professor Emeritus, Setsunan University
- Tsunehisa Katsuki, Director and General Manager of Geino Plant, Entegris Japan ltd.
- Veldri Kurniawan, Founder of and
- Wendy Chan, Managing Director, Greater China, Rimowa, LVMH
- Yasuhiro Anayama, Kyoto Professional Engineers Association

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