Global Youth

Rules and Guidelines

  The Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (GYEC) is a business idea competition open to high school students worldwide, aged 14 to 19, who have internet access. However, there are certain rules and guidelines you need to follow.
  Please review the following terms and be prepared to compete fairly. Breaking the rules may result in point deductions or, in the worst case, disqualification.


  A participant must be enrolled in a high school and be between the ages of 14 and 19 years on the day of the competition. Each team should consist of up to 8 eligible students (with a minimum of 3 students). Members of a team can be from different high schools. The maximum number of teams for each country's participation is 3. If your country has more than 3 entries, your eligibility will be determined based on the results of the Preliminary Round on April 13, 2024. You need to be selected as a representative team in order to compete in the GYEC Final Round on May 25, 2024.

Preliminary Round

 The Preliminary Round serves as the national selection for your country. Based on the scores achieved during this session, 3 teams representing your country will be selected.
 During the Preliminary Round, you will experience a 12-hour competition following the same time schedule as the Final Round. If you complete your required submissions before the deadline, you can finish the competition in less than 12 hours.
 If you are NOT from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, or Turkey, where representative teams are selected through national competitions, you must participate in this Preliminary Round..

Venue and how to participate

  All teams should arrange a suitable venue for participating in the 12-hour online challenge. We encourage team members to gather and work in the same physical location. However, depending on your country's situation, you can opt to gather online using remote conference apps. In either case, you need to ensure reliable internet access and email capabilities to participate in the online challenge. All team members should work together for the full 12-hour duration of the competition.


 Each team must submit the following items:
  1) Three photos in which we can confirm all of the member’s participation.
   *If your team gathers online, please include a screenshot of the video meeting with everyone.
  2) A 2-page business plan, , single-spaced, with a minimum font size of 11 pt.
  3) A 3-minute video presentation featuring a 3D prototype model or a 2D illustration of the business idea.
  4) A post-competition questionnaire: All team members must complete this questionnaire after the competition. This will serve as evidence of each member's participation.

  The challenge will be announced online at 8:00 on the day of the competition, and the registered teams will have 12 hours to conduct research, devise a solution, create a prototype (a sample model of the proposed idea), and present their idea in the form of a written submission (a business plan) and a 3-minute video. Please note that all written reports and video presentation submissions must be in English and their content must be your original.

*Important Rules: You cannot use others' ideas and works (digital images, illustrations, audio clips, movies, photos, design, etc.), including copyright-free or royalty-free materials. You need to create them on your own. Please remember that using someone else's creation will result in disqualification for your team.


  We only allow registered students to participate in the competition. However, if team members gather together in one place (not online), the team must be supervised by an adult who is responsible for the students’ participation and safety. The supervisor does not have to stay with the students at all times during the competition, as long as he/she ensures that the team members comply with the rules and other requirements. The supervisor can encourage and motivate the team, but is not allowed to advise, or be involved in the team’s discussion, nor direct student’s ideas. Students must work on their own.

Judging criteria

  GYEC competing teams will be evaluated by an international judging panel. The evaluation is conducted in accordance with the following criteria. More detail information will be provided to registered participants directly.

 1)Creativity and Innovation
 2)Finance and Production
 3)Marketing and Market Research

Certificate and Award

  All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, while the winner (1st prize) and the runner-up (2nd prize) will receive a trophy and an award certificate.

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