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How to join

  The Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (GYEC) competition will be held online. Please check your eligibility and how to compete first, then send us the registration form.
 If you live in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, or Turkey, please contact our international partners. You can find their contact information in the “Contact” page. They have their own national selection system to choose the GYEC representative teams and you need to apply for it in time.

1. Check your eligibility

 A participant must attend a high school and be between14 to 19 years old on the day of the competition, and each team should consist of up to 8 eligible students (minimum 3 students).
 Only one team is allowed to apply from the same high school as a country representative.So, if there are more than two teams from the same high school, form a team with members from different high schools, or have your own selection within your school.

2. Understand the selection system

 3 teams are maximum number of each country's participation to the GYEC. So, if you are NOT from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, or Turkey, you need to participate in the primary selection on April 23, 2022. This plays a role of national competition to decide 3 representative teams for each country. You will have a simulated experience of the competition of the May 28th.

3. Confirm the competition rules

 All teams should arrange themselves a venue which is suitable to compete in the online challenge. The venue needs reliable internet access and e-mail capability. We recommend that team members gather at the same place and work together, however, if it is difficult, we allow you to gather and work online using a remote conference app.
 You will receive the GYEC Challenge via e-mail at the designated time on the day of the competition. Then, you start working as a team, submit a business plan and YouTube URL address of presentation video by deadline. Regarding those submissions, you are required to comply with the GYEC rules and guidelines. These will be apply to the pre-learning session as well.

4. Send your application form (February 14 - April 3, 2022)

 Once you meet the eligibility requirements and understand how you will be chosen to be a representative team if your country has more than 3 entries, then, fill in the application form (type in the word file) and send it to the host ( ) in the "word" format between February 14 and April 3, 2022 via e-mail.
 We check your application form and get back to you if you are eligiblie or not within a few days.

5. Pay your registration fee

 After you are notified by us that your registration is complete, pay the registration fee (10,000 yen per team). Please do not pay until your application is accepted. We can not refund the registration fee with any reason.
 We strongly recommend you to pay via Paypal if you can. Bank transaction requires you high handling charge, often more than 3,000 yen, and it takes more than a week for us to receive a formal notification of your payment.
 Deadline for the payment is April 8, 2022.

  • 1) How to pay by Paypal
    When you pay by Paypal, you will need either your bank account or credit card information depent on your country. Please check it first, then click the following "Add to cart" button and pay the registration fee 10,000yen.

  • If you need the payee(recipient) information, refer to our information below.

    GYEC Host Information
    Center for Entrepreneurship Development
    *Japan National Selection Date:March 28, 2021
    Funakoshimedical. Bldg.160-2,Saihojicho, Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto,604-0866,Japan
    TEL:81-(0)75-468-8907 FAX:81-(0)75-468-8908
  • 2) How to pay by bank
    When you pay us via bank transfer, you need to pay ALL the transaction charge including the receipient charge so that the amount of money we receive will be exactly 10,000 yen. Please make sure you agree to owe the recipient charge (transaction fee in our bank) in the transfer document in your bank before you send money. Even if you make a mistake and the money you sent becomes short after the bank charge is deducted, we can not cover the cost nor refund the money with any reason.

    Our Bank Information
    Swift (or IBAN) code: BOKFJPJZ
    Bank Name :The Bank of Kyoto ltd. Account 0158
    Brunch name :Fuchomae, Account :122
    Bank Address:166,Umeya-cho,Marutamachi-dori,Nishinotoinhigashiiru,Nakagyo-ku
    Our Account Number:Ordinary deposit account: 4089832
    Account holder name:Center for Entrepreneurship Development

6. Receive this year's GYEC rules and guidelines

 Once we receive the notification of your payment of the registration fee, the registration of your entry is complete. Then we send you this year's GYEC rules & guidelines, your team number and the competition time table of your country.
 Please share it with your other members and be prepared well for the competition.
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