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How to join

  The Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (GYEC) competition will take place online. Please check your eligibility and learn how to compete before submitting your registration form.
  If you reside in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia or Turkey, please contact our international partners. You can find their contact information on the Contact” page. They have their own national selection system to choose GYEC representative teams, and you need to apply through their process in a timely manner.

1. Check your eligibility

 A participant must be currently enrolled in a high (secondary) school and be between 14 and 19 years old on the day of the competition. Each team should consist of up to 8 eligible students, with a minimum of 3 students.

2. Understand the selection system

 Participation in the GYEC is limited to a maximum of 3 teams per country. Therefore, if you are NOT from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia or Turkey, you must participate in the Preliminary Round on April 13, 2024. This round serves as the national competition to select 3 representative teams for each country.
 Only one team from each high school can represent their country. If multiple teams from the same school apply, they will be narrowed down to one team during the domestic or world preliminary rounds.

3. Confirm the competition rules

 All teams must arrange a suitable venue for participating in the online challenge. The venue must have reliable internet access and email capabilities. We recommend that team members gather in the same location and work together; however, if this is not feasible, you are allowed to connect and work together online using a remote conferencing application.
 You will receive the GYEC Challenge via email at the designated time on the day of the competition. After that, you should begin working as a team and submit a business plan and the YouTube URL of your presentation video by the deadline. It's important to note that these submissions must adhere to the GYEC rules and guidelines, which also apply to the Preliminary Round.

4. Complete your application form between February 1 and March 21,2024 (Japan Time)

 Once you meet the eligibility requirements and understand how you will be selected as a representative team, please complete the application form below and submit it between February 1 and March 21,2024.

5. Pay your registration fee within one week after you submit the application

 After you complete the application form, please proceed with the payment of the registration fee (10,000 yen per team) within one week. You are responsible for covering any transaction charges on your end, ensuring that the amount we receive is exactly 10,000 yen. Make sure to keep a screenshot of the payment receipt and send it to us if the payee's name differs from the team leader's name.Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable for any reason.
 The payment deadline is March 27, 2024 (Japan Time). Bank transfer takes more than a week to notify us your payment, so we strongly recommend to use Paypal if you can.

  • 1) How to pay via Paypal
    When making a payment through PayPal, you will need to create a PayPal account and provide either your bank account or credit card information, depending on your country. We recommend discussing this with your supervisor or a team member's parent before proceeding with the payment by clicking the 'Add to cart' button below. Be sure to keep a screenshot of the payment receipt and send it to us if the payee's name is different from the team leader's name.

  • 2) How to pay via bank transfer
    When making a payment to us through a bank transfer, use one of the following banks. Please ensure that you cover all transaction charges, including recipient fees, to make sure that we receive the exact amount of 10,000 yen. You should explicitly agree to cover the recipient charge (i.e., transaction fee) in the transfer document at your bank. Please note that we cannot cover any shortfall resulting from an error or refund the money for any reason. Be sure to keep the payment receipt and send us a copy of it. This will facilitate our confirmation of your payment.

    The Bank of Kyoto
    Swift (or IBAN) code: BOKFJPJZ
    Bank Account 0158
    Brunch name :Fuchomae,Branch code:122
    Bank Address:166,Umeya-cho,Marutamachi-dori,Nishinotoinhigashiiru,Nakagyo-ku
    Account Type:Ordinary Deposit
    Account Number:4089832 (If you need 10 digit number, enter1224089832)
    Account holder name:Center for Entrepreneurship Development

  • If you need the payee(recipient) information, refer to our information below.

    GYEC Host Information
    Name:Center for Entrepreneurship Development
    TEL:81-(0)75-468-8907 FAX:81-(0)75-468-8908

6. Receive this year's GYEC rules and guidelines by the end of March

 Once we receive notification of your payment of the registration fee, the registration of your entry is considered complete.
 We will send this year's GYEC detail information including your team number and the competition timetable for your country to your team leader's e-mail address after the application deadline on March 21, 2024. The team leader should share the information with other members and make thorough preparations for the competition.
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