Global Youth
  • 2022 Schedule
    (Registration Deadline is April 3,2022)

The schedule is subject to change.

Application period

From February 14 to April 3, 2022: Send us your application form and complete your registration

Primary Selection

 If you are not from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia or Turkey where representative teams are selected at national competitions, you must attend this session. The primary selection is a mock competition and plays the role of your national selection. Based on the score of this session, 3 teams representing your country will be selected. However, when there are less than 4 applicant teams from your country, the primary selection will become your practice session and your team will automatically proceed to the competition on May 28.
 At the primary selection, you will experience a 12 hour competition on the same time schedule as the GYEC on May 28th. Please note that if you send your submissions before the deadline, you can finish the competition within earlier than 12 hours.

Competition Schedule

In order to avoid having students work midnight, both at the Primary Selection and the Final Selection, participating teams are allocated to 5 time zones. So you will start your challenge between 6 am and 9 am in your country time. We will let the registered teams know which time zone each team belongs to.
Please confirm which time zone your team belongs to on the schedule sheet before the competition starts. All the announcement of the winners will be made at Japan Standard Time (JST).

Saturday, April 23, 2022 : Primary Selection  *Held in 5 different time zones

  08:00-Announcement of the challenge
  10:00-Submission of team photos
  18:00-Submission of business plan
  20:00-Submission of video presentation
  21:00 -Submission of online questionnaire

Monday, May 2, 2022: Announcement of the results of Primary Selection
11:00 – We will announce which teams will proceed to the Final Selection (JST)
Only teams where are from more than 3 applicants from the same country, will be announced if they can advance to the Final Selection.

Saturday, May 28, 2022 : Final Selection *Held in 5 different time zones

  08:00-Announcement of the challenge (Opening of GYEC)
  10:00-Submission of team photos
  18:00-Submission of business plan
  20:00-Submission of video presentation (Closure of GYEC)
  21:00 -Submission of online questionnaire

Friday, June 17, 2022: Announcement of the winner 
 08:00 – We will nnounce the winner online. (JST)

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